Am I chasing HOPE or is hope chasing me?

hope what does hoop mean hilde van der sterren portretten strand wolk conceptueel zelfportret

[self-portrait series]

Am I chasing Hope or is Hope chasing me? And what does Hope do or want? In a way, Hope is a good thing. A positive thing. It comforts my soul. It warms my heart. And it’s my friend. The feeling of Hope gives me breathing room. I give the steering wheel of my life for a little while to Hope. I give the directions and Hope sees if we get there.

On the other hand, it freezes me. Life comes to a standstill. An anxious feeling starts to grow. Because Hope has the controls and I am waiting. I am not good at waiting. So I start to pull on Hope. Please move forward. Please do something. Do not standstill. Am I chasing Hope or is Hope chasing me to move?

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