Liefde tanken

hilde van der sterren liefde tanken fine art conceptual photography benzine station rode jurk liefde tanken

Love refill – liefde tanken

Many years ago I was attending a 3-day course – Life As An Artform from Jesh the Rox. One of his exercises was a visualization of your dream house. Everything was possible. That house stayed in my mind as a safe haven. I can still go there.

I had three small children at the time. And I visualized a gas station where you can tank love. So that there would always be enough. Till this day it is a common expression at our house. If we need a hug, comfort or love. We say: I am running low. Can you please fill me up? That is what inspired me into making this image. Later on, I learned the difference between love and self love. And that you need self love first before you can give love to others.

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