vrij werk/personal project

Naast het werken voor klanten vind ik het belangrijk om eigen werk te maken. 



Hilde never lived close to her family members. She saw her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins a few times a year. And moving abroad made that even less. In 2016 she moved back to the Netherlands. She is reconnecting with family members.


What is family? Your family runs through your veins, but what is unique to you and which traits did you inherit from your parents or ancestors? How does your upbringing influence you? And does it make you different from your family? Or can you find common ground?

How important are family dynamics? And what would be different if your father had the role of your younger brother? How many walls do you put up? And is it easy to take them down? What is woven into you?


Who are you? Are you wearing a mask? Who are you behind the mask? Do you live in your world and is that your place in THE world?