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When Hilde left her parental home as a young woman, she left much more than that. Venturing into the world, where she could make her own rules, she broke new grounds.

With an array of professions behind her, she naturally evolved into a photographer. In this profession she sees her camera merely as a tool to tell the world the stories she has inside her.

In her un-commissioned work, opposed to her commercial studio portrait work, she explores new, exciting ideas and different approaches to photography. With her background in graphic design, scrapbooking and visual arts, she intuitively mixes different kinds of media to bring her stories to light. Using photographs, made by herself or by others, she manipulates material until the photograph has transformed into a more complete story. Old photographs, long and forgotten, come to life with fresh and current ideas.

Returning to the Netherlands, after having lived abroad for almost two decades, her mother passed away (July 2019). She starts to rekindle with family members and through their stories, light is shed again on her upbringing. Hilde is intrigued by the meaning and connection of family and family members. So much so that it runs a strong theme in her personal work.

In her latest project “Family ties” she revisited her youth and the roles of her family members.


What is family? Your family runs through your veins, but what is unique to you and which traits did you inherit from your parents and/or ancestors? How does your upbringing influence you and your life? Can you break free? How does family constellation work?

I see my father as a tall, outspoken, charismatic and dominant man. 

Throughout my childhood I felt my dad always had a strong influence on the choices I made. I was a real daddy’s girl. I wanted to please him. And I had the impression he could control people around him with his mind. Whenever my brother or I disappointed him, we would know for sure. And then the silent treatment would start, which could take like, forever. Part of me thinks this is the reason I have always pushed myself hard.

And it makes me question what are my thoughts and what are his?

There is also the brother…

Is our relationship based on the family, inherited blood band? The same that runs through my father? Is it his personality or the result of his upbringing?

My mom lost her mother when she was quite young. From that moment on, she needed a strong man by her side, to be able to live life. She was my dad’s muse. They loved each other very much. It worked for them.

When my mom passed away, I received the family albums from my dad. And looking at these photos to create the slideshow for her funeral, I started to feel the real, raw memories.

The true stories unfolded and I have to face them. I cannot run away anymore.

The artworks are for sale

Three editions per photo

Photo is hand embroidered & signed with a mat in an antique frame. Ready to hang. The sizes differ a little. 

€ 750 per (framed) photo


Family Ties

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